Holy shit. I just got the update: yvynyl turned 7 years old today.

Amazing that this weird journey continues. Or that it’s been that long, and that this photo is that old now.

Probably going to make some changes in the coming months… and maybe you’d like to come be a part of it.

For one thing, I’d like to have some contributors. Want to tell some stories? Write about live changing albums? Shed life on a critically unappreciated artist? Cover a hot scene in your city?

Let’s try a test:

  • Pitch me your media ideas!
  • Include how they might go into series of 6-10 episodes.
  • They must include excellent visual artwork and of course audio.
  • Could also be video - it is a show? Episodic?
  • Music-heart, but travel, adventure, art, ideas are welcome.
  • Bonus points if you have a budget need in mind. 
  • Email one or more of your best proposals to yvynyl@gmail.com (Use subject line: #YVYNYL2.0).

Is this magic? Nah. But it’ll be fun!

Much respect and love to the man Mark!




This past week at a private Christmas party I had the unfortunate experience of having all my camera gear stolen. After 10 years of shooting and many travels, I’ve finally managed to be had by a real-life Grinch. After exploring my options to solve the case, I’ve come up with a cold trail and empty hands.

In an attempt to try and offset some of the the costs of new gear, I’ve set up an online store to sell some prints of my work. I’ve narrowed down a selection but would like to note that if there’s any image on my website, or a special request for sizes- you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

You can find the online print store HERE

I’d like to give a heap of thanks for all the help and many good vibes I’m receiving from friends & family near and far. It’s meant the world to me. After spending days thinking about some of the worst kinds of people- it’s been thoroughly inspiring and heart warming to be reminded by those around me that there’s so many people just the opposite. It’s kept me relatively sane sorting through this. So thank you so much- words on a screen can’t really sum it all up as well as I’d like.

-Landon Speers |  mail@landonspeers.com  |  www.landonspeers.com

Couple notes on ordering:

  • All images are full bleed except for the 8x10’s. They’ll have a small white border on the top & bottom to accommodate the standard frame picture sizing.
  • Orders should take 2-3 weeks to receive.




I’m not sure how to describe what FMLY is, so here’s an article with a bunch of people trying to. FMLY has organized shows that revolve around critical mass bike rides, informal and unamplified gatherings in public spaces, and around potluck dinners in people’s apartments. If I…